Oklahoma Sand Plum Jelly




After a dry spell of several years, the crop of sand plums this year were fabulous! My good friend Mike shared his glory hole with me and I picked as many as I could while still needing to sleep and tend to my daily chores. I ended up with enough juice in my freezer to last for a while, and hopefully next year will give us another bountiful harvest. I did learn that one must spray the bug spray ALL OVER THE BODY, including the arm that holds the bug spray can. Chiggers love me as much as I love sand plum jelly!

Ingredients: Sand plums, filtered water, white sugar, pectin. Yep, that’s it. But you have to hold your mouth right during the canning process or it won’t turn out just right.

1/2 pint – $6
1 pint – $8


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